Love your core was born as part of a more holistic approach to training.

With the need to include a very specific type of training to address the fact that a significant percentage of the population are not managing the internal pressures (without even knowing it) in a healthy way.

Training without knowing your own body can lead to injuries and conditions but it could be easily solved with the teaching on how to look after your own body.

Many of the current trends in fitness are not suitable for everybody. But we all want the same goals. We want to look and feel better about ourselves.



Anabel Sanchez

Anabel Sanchez

Director and founder of Love Your Core.

Anabel is a Personal Trainer with more of ten years of experience and Rhythmic Gymnastics Coach. Specialized in antenatal and postnatal training, also LPF Certified Trainer.

My passion for sports and fitness, in general, started from very early age practicing Rhythmic Gymnastics, always been fascinated about how our bodies move and how we are all capable of doing amazing things with discipline and the right training.

After the birth of our second daughter and having what I thought was the right knowledge to have a full recovery to get back to my previous self, I realized that my body wasn't responding to the training and that I had many issues I did not know I have.
After doing a lot of research and studies on how women's body works concerning pelvic floor health, I realized after giving birth; women do not get the right information on what are the tools they can use to be able to recover. So their core functions correctly not only aesthetically but also efficiently in everyday activities.
That is why Love Your Core was born.


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