inhale exhale apnea


Some of the great benefits

waist reduction.jpg

Waist reduction with regular practice. You can reduce from 2cm to up to 10cm of your waist by practicing few times per week for 10 minutes. The base tone of your tummy improves.

Symptoms of Diastasis Recti improves.

Reprogram your core and pelvic floor to flatten, support and optimize function.


You will feel taller, and more aware of how a healthy posture feels like on your daily activities, walking, sitting, standing. etc.

You will be training your core in a holistic way.

Beneficial effects include improved alignment and postural stabilization, increased lumbar mobility, increases hamstring expandability, decreased cervical and lumbar lordoses, decreased thoracic kyphosis and scoliosis correction.


postural reeducation.jpg

Your respiratory system also improves dramatically,
You will learn how to breathe properly again, making your breathing more effective by using and toning all the muscles involved.

Chronic stress can lead to poor toning in the vagus nerve, the longest nerve in the body. It is governed by the parasympathetic nervous system that is responsible for the 'rest and digest' response, a key system for managing inflammation, regenerating cells and helping us to digest and assimilate key nutrients for our health.

The tone of the vagus nerve is important to our health and is key to how well our bodies adapt to stress and recover equilibrium after a stressful event. High vagal tone improves the functioning of many of the body’s systems. It reduces the risk of strokes and heart attacks and regulates blood sugar levels. It’s also associated with feeling calmer and more contented


The list of conditions which will benefit from this technique include, but are not limited to: urinary incontinence, uterine/bladder prolapse, erectile dysfunction, fibroids, hemorrhoids, pelvic pain, nocturia, diastasis recti, inguinal and abdominal hernias, constipation and low back pain.








The result of increases in internal pressure particularly in the pelvic cavity, especially pressure from physical exercise and sport, can be a reduction in sexual function. Hypopressives benefits include:

Increased perineal resting tone, increased blood flow, increased sexual sensitivity, increased intensity of orgasms, painless sexual intercourse.